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Wolf bindet Bären auf
Animation project
3ds Max Adobe CS Mental Ray Mudbox
The short film «Wolf bindet Bären auf»Scene setupFur modifierFinal composite shot

The title is a german idiom for «Wolf pulls somebody's leg»

For this short film project of a friend of mine I animated a talking CGI wolf. The task was to create a short adaptation of the story of Red Riding Hood from the brothers Grimm.

For the final shot where the wolf is discussing with Red Riding Hood I recreated the room and animated the wolf to appear lying in the bed. I used the wolf model from the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as a base. To make him able to talk, I had to create a facial rig from scratch using morph targets. For a more realistic look I adjusted the mesh and textures and applied a modifier for realistic fur rendering. After some trimming and combing I synchronized the vocals to match the speaker.

This project was directed by Gregor Szabo.