11/2018 - Now
Chief Product Engineer
Design and development of a VR platform for construction, interior planning and physical workflow optimization.
01/2018 - 10/2018
Professional Software Engineer
Software engineering, web development and interaction design.
.NET Angular C# Entity Framework Gamification HTML/CSS JS SCSS TS
02/2016 - 07/2017
Master of Arts in Game Design (Interaction Design)
Master's thesis «The Cathartic Escape» researched low-cost motion capture, full-body awareness, dynamic hand grips and VR. To validate the project, a hybrid game was developed which is playable on a screen and in VR.
09/2015 - 02/2016
Research assistant
Software engineering, web development, rich client development and GUI design in three independent projects.
Git HTML/CSS Java Java EE JavaFX JAXB JS MariaDB Maven SASS Selenium Spring Thymeleaf Vagrant
08/2012 - 07/2015
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (Computer Science)
Bachelor's thesis «Flexible therapy game software framework» researched the simplification of the development process of therapeutic games in collaboration with the ETH Zurich.
08/2008 - 07/2012
Federal Vocational Education and Training Diploma in Software Development (College of Information Technology)
08/2011 - 07/2012
Software developer (internship)
Full stack agile software development for rich client platform, data migration and GUI design including a set of matching icons.
Adobe CS Ant C++ Eclipse RCP Gradle Java Java EE JAXB JBoss Jersey RESTful SVN SWT Tomcat
08/2008 - 07/2011
Federal Vocational Baccalaureate with Commercial Orientation (College of Information Technology)
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CGI spaceship made of drum parts


For a music video of the band MAX APOLLO I worked as a camera operator and CGI artist. This time I worked through the entire CGI pipeline, «full-stack» as I would call it analogous to software development. This includes modelling, UV unwrapping, texturing, scene and physics setup, rigging, animating, camera matching, rendering and compositing preparation.

2016 - 2017

The Cathartic Escape

Game design

As part of my master's thesis we developed a hybrid game concept that works on both screen and in virtual reality, while communicating the same gameplay principle. I focused my key research also on the evaluation and application of a low-cost motion capture system for efficient in-game animation, virtual hand grips and full-body awareness in first-person games.


FPS animations


Some of the first-person shooter keyframe animations I created in 2015. I worked with custom rigs and the Character Animation Toolkit in 3ds Max to explore different approaches.


Flexible therapy game software framework

Software engineering

The aim of my bachelor's thesis was to simplify the development process of therapeutic games by developing a software framework to unify tracking data of skeletal motion features by external sensors through abstraction. Along with the software framework, a game design cycle is proposed. In this development cycle, a target therapy is selected and interviews with therapy experts are conducted to determine desired movements and expected clinical outcomes.

Photo of the robot


Real-time virtual robot world

Software engineering

During my bachelor's studies I worked on a project that visualizes robot movements in a modelled terrain. The data needed for this simulation is generated by a Microsoft Kinect camera and contains position values of the robots and a point cloud of the modelled terrain. To support the hypothesis that game engines can also be used for scientific purposes, this system is to be extended by an interactive game engine.

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